Dr. Ebrahimi Pure

Ph.D. Food Science & Engineering , University of Tehran

The nature of production is team work

Doesn't matter how deep the science goes, when the work comes in hand, experience always helps develop the job. 

Don't hesitate to contact me if:
   ○ you want to develop a food product
   ○ you want to establish a food production

sustainability of our food system relies on smart , rapid and accurate data processing and analysis 

I'm curious about this topic and such projects! 

I would be glad to help with your industrial or academic projects with this. 

let me know if you think we can cooperate 

My Blog

here I share posts about the topics I would like to discuss


Link to the website of the knowledge based company I am a co-founder of that


we had formulated and are producing some dysphagia foods, for the first time in our country, Iran


The software I had designed to statistically analyze the SEM images of nano fibers


my amateur photography of the beauty of Iran's nature


an almost 10 years old website I used to share posts about Iranian music